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Renjay's Market Mania Terms and Conditions


  1.  To register for a site at Renjays Market Mania 2023, this application form must be completed and returned.  

  2.  All cancellations must be received in writing 2 weeks prior to event via email to Cancellations received after this period will results in no fees being refunded. 

  3. In the case of the event being cancelled due to inclement weather or other circumstances, Renjay Events will reschedule for a later date. If the event goes ahead in inclement weather and the applicant chooses not to attend, no refund will be given.

  4. Site allocations are decided by organisers on the day and are final.

  5. The applicant agrees to operate their stall for the duration of the operational times listed on the application.

  6. For safety reasons, vehicle access in the event will only be permitted during specific bump-in/bump-out times and no onsite parking will be permitted unless otherwise organised in writing with organisers.

  7. The allocation site area is to be used solely for the purpose specified in this application. No subletting will be permitted. Gambling and/or fundraising activities are strictly prohibited unless authorised by the event organisers. No selling, canvassing, hawking, or distribution of printed or other matter will be permitted outside of your allocated site.

  8. Renjay Events shall have the power to enter the site and remove any article, sign, picture or printed material or stop any undue noise created by a site holder, which, in their opinion may be a cause of offence to the public.

  9. Site holders and their employees shall transact all business and sale of good from their allocated space only. It is not acceptable for site holders to encroach outside the allocated space unless previously agreed to by event organisers.

  10. Site holders shall leave their allocated area in a clean and tidy state, by removing any litter, spills, by-products, or equipment from their activities. Should the site require further cleaning or removal of equipment at the conclusion of the event, this expense will be passed on to the stall holder.

  11. Check that your Electrical equipment has been test and tagged within the last 6 months. If evicted on the day of event by council due to not being up to regulations for any reason whatsoever, a refund will not be given.

  12. Where a stall using gas or electrical appliance to cook or heat food, it is required to have a fire extinguisher for that class of fire and where a stall uses oils or fats it is required to have a fire blanket. The extinguishers and fire blankets must have an inspection tag showing the last test(within 6 months of the event).

  13. All leads, hoses, or other trip hazards must be suitably covered/secured to prevent any trip hazards.

  14. All marquees must be adequately weighted down to ensure no movement due to heavy wind etc. All weights are to be clearly marked and visible to the public to prevent hazards. Please note, Redlands Showgrounds can get windy.

  15. No hazardous substances are allowed on-site.


  17. All site holders must be aware of the location of First Aid and all emergency procedures for the event. 

  18. All site holders must be aware  of the recycling and waste management plan and dispose of waste accordingly. 

  19. Any incidents of loss, damage, injury must be reported to the event organisers immediately.

  20. Food must only be prepared in accordance with the council's food standards.

  21. Site area is to be kept clean and tidy at all times during the event.

  22. All equipment brought into the event is the full responsibility of the site holder including signage, marquees, lighting, cords, tables, chairs, and stock.

  23. Renjay Events shall not be held liable for the loss or damage to the site holder's property while at the even for any reason whatsoever involved in negligence of Renjay Events or its employees, representatives or said agents.

  24. Should the event need to be cancelled or postponed for any reason whatsoever all bookings will roll over to a later date.

  25. Organisers may be required to cancel the event due to COVID19/Government changes. If this occurs, booked stalls may be rolled over to a later date.

  26. Renjay Events reserves the right to cancel the contract and to retain all monies paid in relation thereto if it is the opinion of Renjay Events that there is any infringement of any of the forgoing conditions and or if the site holder does not occupy the said space athe the commencement of and during the period of the event.

  27. By agreeing and submitting this application form you authorise Renjay Events to use any photography/video taken of your site including images of your products, and staff for any publicity purposes to include in publications, promo flyers, news articles, websites, social media, television productions, newsletters and magazines.

  28. By agreeing and submitting this application you agree to receive marketing material from time to time that communicates the activities of the Renjay Events. You understand that you can opt out of these communications at any time.

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