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Terms and Conditions - Motor Madness



1.1 Vehicles are not permitted in the Event Precinct without a Car Entrant visor or the prior consent of the Organiser. Your Car Visor number will be sent via email once payment has been paid in full and needs to be displayed on entry.

1.2 Bump-in is from 6 am – 8 am. Strictly no moving vehicles from 8:15 am.

1.3 There will be 2 bump out times, please select which one you would like on the entry form, if you miss the early bump out time window, your vehicle must remain stationary until last bump out time as we have to put procedures in place to ensure public pedestrians safety.




2.1 Vehicles are not permitted in the Event Precinct without a Car Entrant visor or the prior consent of the Organiser.

2.2 The Organiser will only grant consent for Vehicle access to Car Entrant ticket holders.

2.3 If you are granted consent to operate a Vehicle in the Event Precinct you must:

(a) ensure that any person who operates the Vehicle has a valid licence to do so;

(b) safely operate the Vehicle in compliance with all traffic rules and speed limits; and

(c) not park your Vehicle in driveways, parking lot aisles, fire lanes, designated loading areas, accessible car parks (except with a valid permit), or on footpaths.

2.4 When entering or exiting the Event Precinct, you must adhere to the car entry and exit guidelines maintain a safe speed limit of 10km/hr.

2.5 Strictly no Vehicles are to depart their zone before the specified daily exit times as detailed in the email that is to be sent once payment has been made.

2.6 If you can no longer bring your Vehicle to the site due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, you may nominate a new Vehicle driver to bring the Vehicle on your behalf and you must notify the Organiser as soon as practicably able.

2.7 If you can no longer bring the approved Vehicle to the Event due to a Vehicle fault e.g., breakdown or damage to the exterior of the Vehicle, you may bring a replacement Vehicle and must send through updated Vehicle information before the replacement vehicle arrives to site.

2.8 The Organiser may alter entry, exit, or Event operating times due to inclement weather, safety concerns, or unforeseen circumstances.

2.9 If you bring a Vehicle into the Event Precinct you do so at your own risk and the Organiser is not liable for any damage to or theft of that vehicle or its contents.

2.10 Entrants must always abide by the lawful direction of the Organiser, Emergency Services including Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Event Security Personnel, and Traffic Control staff.




3.1 You acknowledge that any personal information disclosed at the time of purchase will be entered into an Event database.




4.1 You must not make, publish or broadcast any public announcement or comment (including via social media) about or concerning the Event, your use of the site, your relationship with or the affairs of the Organiser if that announcement or comment is or might be considered:

(a) prejudicial to the image, reputation, or goodwill of the Organiser or the Event.

(b) prejudicial to the successful staging of the Event or the affairs of the Organiser.

(c) threatening, aggressive, abusive, dangerous, or destructive.

(d) discriminatory, religious, racial, political, or homophobic; or

(e) foul or abusive.

4.2 Upon request of the Organiser, you must promptly take down, delete, retract, or remove any announcement or comment made, published, or broadcast that does not align with and support the good reputation and image of the Organiser or the Event.




5.1 The Organiser will provide roaming security during the Event, but you occupy your Vehicle space and participate in the Event at your own risk.

5.2 You are fully responsible for the safekeeping of your Vehicle and for any damage to or loss of that Vehicle.

5.3 You must comply with any reasonable request of the Organiser in relation to health and safety.

5.4 Your Vehicle must not block any thoroughfare, including any stairs, steps, aisle, passage, entry, or exits.




6.1 You exhibit your vehicle at your own risk and release, to the full extent permitted by law, the Organiser and its personnel from any and all claims arising from any accident, loss, damage, injury, or death to any persons or property in or about the Site and the Event Precinct.

6.2 You must pay for or reimburse the Organiser for any costs incurred by the Organiser to repair any damage or recover any losses caused or contributed to by the use or misuse of your Vehicle in the Event Precinct.

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